That Set Us Apart Today
That Set Us Apart Today

Webb's Oil Corporation is today one of Virginia's leading oil industry wholesalers. Our customers include Jobbers, Independent Retailers, Branded Retailers, Fleet Operators, Commercial and Industrial Users, Utilities and Municipalities. By maintaining a long-standing affiliation with major oil companies and independent refiners, as well as possessing immense purchasing power, with contract and spot market purchasing, we are able to offer our customers the assurance of ample supply and consistent competitive pricing.

Due to increased storage tank regulations, Webb's Oil recognized the need to provide storage and dispensing of fuel to customers. Listening to concerns regarding fleet management, Webb's Oil added Petro-Webb Commercial Fueling to its list of services. This card lock system provides state-of-the-art locations that are safe and convenient and provide 24 hour fueling. All purchases appear on one bill and are guaranteed to be only fuel purchases. Customers are provided reports to track mileage and fleet fuel costs. The network has hundreds of locations in the U.S. and Canada and continues to expand each year.

  • Quality Gasolines
  • Premium Diesel Fuels
  • Home Heating Fuel
  • Diesel Fuels & Kerosene
Webb's Oil Corporation is today one of Virginia's leading distributors of fuel.
Our acute attention to environmental issues and safety regulations.
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